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How to Register in zeal marriage ?

Few easy steps to complete registrations
1) Click register menu option in menu bar at the top of website.
2) Fill all fields in register form in register page.
3) If in any case you want to hide your profile than click private profile in form.
4) Click submit button.
5) Visit your E-mail which you filled in register form, and click verify button in e-mail,
It will redirect you on login page, than you can login.

How to verify my Email ? or how to make account active?

Open your E-mail account which e-mail you entered in register form.
Than open our email (which subject "Registration Complete Success Fully") which you received by us.
In the mail there is verify button given, click it and you can complete your email verification.
If in case you are unable to click on verify button,than link is also given, just copy and paste that link in your browser's address bar and verify your account.
It will Redirect you on our login page.

How to Fill profile & Images ?

First login with your account.
In the dashboard page, profile & photo link is given in left side bar.
Click each link to fill profile and photo in the page.

How to get perfect Matching profiles ?

We always make auto matching in every profile,
If you want perfect profile match as per your choice you need to fill your partner selection in profile page.
Go dashboard page, click profile link in left side bar.
In profile page select partner selection tab and fill it properly.
Than you get all profiles as per your choice.

How to send match request ?

Login with your account,
After completing your profile, go to grooms/brides list page,
In list page you can see match button, click it and see match percentage,
if you agree with that percentage than click the send request button.

How to protect Image and Contacts detail ?

Login with your account,
In Dashboard page, select Setting link in left Sidebar,
In Setting page you can see Profile Setting and Account Setting panel,
Now you can see default setting for Contact, Email and Images in Profile Setting panel,
there you can set hide for contacts, Email, and Images, and click submit.

How to Deactivate account in Zeal Marriage Bureau ?

In Dashboard page, select Setting link in left Sidebar,
In Setting page you can see Account Setting panel,
Now you can see Account Option is Active, make it Deactivate and submit it.